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Ask Me Anything: Andrew Triggs Hodge, OBE


Stay Curious Programme

This is an Ask Me Anything first: we're hyped to welcome the inimitable Andrew Triggs Hodge. Ranked number 1 rower in the world, three-time Olympic gold medallist and four-time World Champion, Andrew is also a keen environmentalist and now works for Tideway, a huge Thames project set to launch in 2023 to restore the cleanliness of the water to levels not seen in 400 years.

Ask Andrew about resilience, fortitude, hustle, hard work, talent, leadership, teamwork (bring your team - this could revolutionise your working style). Want to quiz him on the highs, lows and proudest points of his career? How he's developed that into a new journey, and what he is working on at the moment? Don't miss your chance to grill a British sporting icon.