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Return to Work

Welcome to a New Republic of Huckletree

As our global member community across the UK and Ireland resume 'play' on work schedules, future planning and new routines, it's important for us to share what we've been working on behind-the-scenes to not only prepare our hubs, but mindsets, too.

From new safety guidelines, and other changes, to the things our communities know and love about our hubs - here's everything you need to know about the new face of Huckletree.

As our members and our team return to Huckletree hubs, they can expect a lot of the things they've known and loved about our communities. Our Community teams? Ready and raring to catchup and support you and your team with your return to work plans and to support you as you navigate the new world of work. Our digital weekly programming you've known over the past few months is still there to aid your creativity and curiosity, alongside the wellness sessions and member events like breakfasts and drinks returning; with a social distancing twist. You'll also spot the familiar cleaning teams, our lifesavers, around our hubs, so please say hello. And don't worry, the plants (in case you were wondering) have been well looked after while we stayed at home.

Our teams have been working behind the scenes as we've all stayed at home to make the hubs we know and love ready for our new normal. You'll spot the now-familiar arrows to guide you safely around our hubs, and we ask for everyone to please adhere to social distancing measures whilst you're in the space. Wondering about your team's return? Get in touch with your community team who are on hand to support with anything your team need to return.

Gaby Hersham & Andrew Lynch, Huckletree Co-Founders
A thought from our Co-Founders

Gaby & Andrew

Co-Founders "We’ve seen incredible innovations, creativity and spirit of entrepreneurship shine through these past few months. The positive news from this community has inspired all of us to keep our edge, and to be and create the change we want to see. While this is a new world for all of us, we’re also seeing it as a new era for Huckletree."

Our Lifesavers

"Eve is PUBLIC Hall Powered By Huckletree's Lifesaver. When she's not saving lives at our hub in the heart of Westminster, she's cooking amazing Ecuadorian meals for her family and working on her online business."

Over in Huckletree Ancoats, Manchester, our Lifesavers have been hard at work helping to rethink our hubs for the new normal and are a friendly face around the space.

"I play lots of volleyball. During lockdown I made a volleyball court in the garden and managed to rope my two children and husband into playing."

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