Based in the iconic Alphabeta building between Central and East London. Here you'll find companies challenging established industries and transforming markets, one innovation at a time.

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Leo Maclehose, CEO and Founder of Matchpint

Love from our members:

“The best co-working space in London in my opinion. Brilliant spaces with a great collaborative atmosphere. This feels like our own massive office that we just happen to share with other people.”

Leo Maclehose, CEO and Founder of Matchpint

Discover Shoreditch

    • huckletree-shoreditch-alphabeta-bike-ramp

    Modern Heritage

    Our East London workspace is a stone's throw from Silicon Roundabout in the landmark historic conversion, Alphabeta Building on Finsbury Square. You'll find a contemporary bicycle ramp available from street level and an open atrium in the centre of the building, while inside Huckletree you'll experience light-filled studios, internal courtyards and inspiring workspaces split across two levels.

    Curated for Challengers

    Huckletree Shoreditch is a collaborative space for the most ambitious companies including Edenbase, Soul Kitchen and Sifted. You’ll find startups, scaleups and innovation teams challenging tradition to bring radical models to established markets including property, finance, legal and insurance.

Step Inside

  • Auditorium

    From launch nights to team away days, our Auditorium is the perfect backdrop for your events in the heart of the City.

  • Classroom

    Join the community for interactive workshops and pitch sessions, or host your own event in our Classroom.

  • Library

    Innovation comes from inspiration. Our basement library is the perfect desk-getaway for a coffee or a convo with members and team.

  • huckletree-shoreditch-vertical-garden

    Green Zones

    Take five in our leafy green corner with plenty of cushions, plants and space to work if you get carried away.

  • huckletree-shoreditch-sofas

    Curiosity Couches

    Need a tech timeout or a quiet team catch up? Hit up our blue curiosity couches for privacy and R&R.

  • huckletree-shoreditch-phone-booths

    Privacy Booths

    Video calls, zoom calls, private chats, we’ve got you covered. We’ve designed soundproof privacy booths in hidden nooks.

  • Huckletree-Member-Vassili-Philippov-mel-science

    Vassili Philippov

    CEO MEL Science

  • Huckletree-Members-Sifted

    Meet our members

    Meet eola, a complete booking and management platform for experience providers, that aims to get more people outdoors and experiencing new adventures.


Between East and The City

Huckletree Shoreditch sits between the old school business cool of The City and the energy of East London’s new innovation district. From the green haven of Finsbury Square to Old Street’s ultra-hyped growing cultural hub - this is the neighbourhood for people doing it differently.

The office is open

      Visitors:9am-6pm Mon-Fri


Situated within the Alphabeta Building and with an entrance overlooking Finsbury Square, we are a short walk from Old Street, Moorgate and Liverpool Street Underground stations.


Discover the membership options at Huckletree Shoreditch, built to match your needs.

  • huckletree-shoreditch-library

    Day Passes

    £35 + VAT

    Keep it ultra flexible with pre-paid day passes in packs of 5, 20, 50, 100.

  • huckletree-shoreditch-woman-working-workspace


    £350 + VAT pp / month

    Get full access to our hotdesking zone and breakout spaces, as many days as you like.

  • woman-working-breakout-space-huckletree-shoreditch


    £250 + VAT pp / month

    Keep it flexible with 10 days per month whenever you or your team need a workspace. No commitments.

  • matchpint-working-huckletree-shoreditch-workspace

    Resident Desk

    £475 + VAT pp / month

    A dedicated desk in our open-plan workspace.

  • huckletree-shoreditch-private-studio


    £645 + VAT pp / month

    Your own private workspace, within our wider community. The perfect HQ.


Meeting Rooms

Discover the membership options at Huckletree Shoreditch, built to match your needs.

  • Seats 8

    Fair Oaks

    An oasis to keep you balanced in a tempest of tech. This private meeting space for up to 8 people is our go-to for relationship building sessions like interviews and small workshops.

    FROM £40/H (+VAT)
  • Seats 10


    Want to grab someone’s attention? Yellow captures the eye faster than any other colour in the spectrum, so this is the place to bring people when you need to stand out. It’s a meeting space for up to 10 people that inspires curiosity; a playground for the mind.

    FROM £50/H (+VAT)
  • Seats 10


    Structured and precise, this space is the perfect backdrop for innovation. It’s seats up to 10 people and is the place to present your big ideas to clients and partners.

    FROM £60/H (+VAT)
  • Seats 20


    Out to impress? It might take you a while to reach the scale of this meeting room’s namesake, but that’s no reason not to enjoy the fruits of your labour while you grow. This is for the big ones; the board meetings and product launches for up to 20 people.

    FROM £90/H (+VAT)

Meet the Shoreditch Team

  • Huckletree-Kenny-Edwards

    Kenny Edwards

    General Manager

  • kieran-membership-manager-shoreditch

    Kieran O'Shea

    Membership Manager

    Having hosted their very first fashion show at the age of 16, Kieran quickly moved into the world of events to breathe new life into a stale industry, before joining Huckletree, the home of community. Superpower: boundary breaker & creative crusader.

  • Ollie-Fitzgerald-Huckletree-Team

    Ollie Fitzgerald

    Community Associate

    Ollie began as an office runner in the glamorous world of TV production before realising he wanted to work and thrive where community is key. Come to him for the ultimate experience and music recommendations! Superpower: Uncanny David Attenborough impersonations.