1. General

What are the main differences between the membership categories?

The Light, Unlimited, Power Parents and Resident plans give you access to a workspace in the open-plan zone whereas a Private Studio is a private office. The Light and Unlimited plans are based on open plan desks you share with other members whereas a Resident workspace is your own.

What's not included?

Not included in your plan are any VOIP phones, printing and meeting room usage outside of your team's monthly credits.

Do members receive meeting room credits?

Resident and Private Studio teams are given credits, but hotdesk plans are not. If these credits are depleted you may purchase additional hours, which range in price depending on the location and meeting room size.

Can members get storage space?

Yes you can - we have a range of storage options (including mailboxes and lockers) for you to choose from. We also have a mailing address service.

What are the opening hours?

Each location operates different hours. Please check the page specific to the location you are interested in for that location's hours or ask your community team.

What is the guest policy?

Members are limited to 3 guests at a time, and with each guest staying a maximum of 2 hours. Guests must remain inside your studio or at one of our break-out spots. Guests cannot work from our open-plan workspaces as these are reserved for our members. If you are bringing in more than 3 guests at a time we ask that you book out a meeting room. For security reasons, each and every guest must be signed in when they enter Huckletree.

What is the policy on dogs?

Our pet policy varies per location, so please check the amenities listed on the page specific to the location you are interested in or ask your community team.

How fast is the internet?

Fast enough for you not to notice it and each location has active failover too.

Do you offer telephones?

We don't offer landlines, but we have a range of VOIP options. The solution is run on a dedicated line, which guarantees quality of service. The cost for this will vary per location, but you can speak to your community team for precise information.

Does my membership allow me to work across all your locations?

All our members benefit from global access across all our locations, for up to 2 days for Light or Power Parents membership, or 5 days per month for Unlimited, Resident and Private Studio membership. Please let us know if any of your team members wish to work from a different location, and check the availability with your community team beforehand. Please bear in mind that only one member of your team can work from a different location to your home Huckletree workspace. If you require a day pass or a meeting room at another location, we can arrange that for you.

Do you have a referral program?

We sure do! We reward all members who help us to grow our communities by referring new members with cash on the next billing date. If you refer a member, you’ll receive 100% of their first month’s fees. And that goes for teams too, so, for all referrals you’ll receive the entire first month’s membership fees of the team you refer! The bigger the team you refer, the higher reward when they officially join.

What happens if my team outgrows our workspace?

If you outgrow your workspace we will prioritise finding more room for you at the same location. There is also the possibility of moving your team to another location convenient to you.

2. Tours + Trial Days

Do tours need to be booked in advance?

Yes they do. This is to ensure that a member of our community team is available to show you around.

3. Getting Started

I'd like to sign up but for my plan to start at a later date. Is this possible?

We are unable to reserve memberships or spaces. If you'd like to become a member, your plan will commence immediately.

Do I need to meet the community team to join?

Coworking doesn't work if the vibes aren't right. We curate our communities and like to get to know potential members before making it official. It helps us figure out where you (and your team) would fit in, who you'd like to meet, and how we can help you grow. If you're unable to come in for a tour and a coffee first, our community team will ask for your company name and details before getting you set up.

What do I need to do to reserve my spot?

We do not require any deposit for Light, Power Parents or Unlimited plan. To get started on a Resident or Private Studio plan we require a security deposit equivalent to one month's membership fees. Assuming you haven't damaged your workspace, this deposit will be refunded at the end of your membership.

How do I apply to join?

That's an easy one - everything is done through our website!

4. Payments

When do members pay?

All monthly members pay in full for their month on the 1st day of each month. Should they start part way through a calendar month, the first month will be prorated accordingly.

Do you charge penalties for late payments?

Yes, we charge a late penalty of 10% on all payments not received by the 15th of the month.

What are your meeting room prices?

Our meeting rooms differ in price depending on size and location. You can see all prices on the website.

What are the additional fees for printing?

We charge 25p per (A4) black and white copy and 75p per (A4) colour copy.

What is the notice policy?

The notice policy for the Light, Power Parents and Unlimited plans is one month. The notice policy for the Resident plans is two months. The notice policy for Private Studios is unique to each agreement. Please note that these may vary depending on the size of your team.

Are all your prices exclusive of VAT?

None of the listed prices include VAT. As a VAT-registered company, we are legally obliged to charge VAT. If you are VAT registered, you can claim all VAT payments back.

Which payment methods are accepted?

We accept debit/credit cards and standing bank orders only. We are unable to accept payment in cash.

5. Power Parents Membership

What are you providing for Parents and Children?

Soft play room, with toys and entertainment for children and desks for parents, plus changing facilities. You also have the ability to book in babysitters to Huckletree using the bubble app.

What does a half-day access in ‘morning’ or ‘afternoon’ actually mean?

Mornings: 9am - 1:30pm or afternoons: 1:30pm - 6pm, from Monday to Friday.

Can I do mornings someday, and afternoons other?

Power Parents can choose either the morning or the afternoon slot as part of your membership. You can change this at any time by simply letting us know.

What happens if I need to stay after my hours?

Whilst we’re unlikely to ask anyone to leave, we do ask that you respect the boundaries of your membership vis-a-vis the other members working in the space. If you do find that you’re regularly spending more than a half-day with us, why not upgrade to an Unlimited membership?

What ages do children need to be to use the soft play area?

Any age, though children under 8 need to be supervised by a parent or childminder at all times.

Have you partnered with any local nurseries or nannies?

We’ve partnered with bubble, the app to find and book the babysitters your friends and community already know, use and trust. Huckletree West members get free use of bubble - paying no booking fees per sit. bubble is rated 5* on Trustpilot and named as one of Apple’s ‘Best Apps of 2017’, bubble uses your social networks to help you find recommended babysitters with ease.

Will the soft play area ever be supervised at no additional cost to members?

While most of the time supervision will be the responsibility of Power Parents, we may provide subsidised care during some of our parent-focused workshops and events. This will be on a first come, first served basis and spaces will be limited to the capacity of the Kids Studio.

What else do I need to be aware of?

We love having children at Huckletree, but please be mindful of other members working in the space. Keep an eye on your children whilst outside the Kids Studio, and keep noise to an acceptable level. You are welcome to use all our breakout spaces, and book meeting rooms just as any of our other members, while working alongside your children.