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Huckletree's Editorial TeamThe Editorial TeamHuckletree7/1/2021

A message from our Co-founders. 

Since we launched Huckletree in 2014, we have strived to make sure that being environmentally conscious played a part in all of our decisions. For example, our very first space in Clerkenwell was awarded a Silver SKA rating, and with that became the very first coworking space in the UK to achieve this high standard - something we’re really proud of to this day. For the launch of all subsequent spaces, we’ve made sure to work with developers who are committed to sustainability, and with architects and designers who are best-positioned to keep sustainability at the foreground of their design ethos. Then, once our spaces launch, we look to only partner with the most sustainable brands and suppliers to bring them to life. And to go even a step further, in 2017, our in-house cafes, and all of our events have been fully vegetarian. Finally, last year we successfully managed to eliminate single-use plastics across our 200,000 sf of our spaces. Needless to say, the work continues.

And, as we all know, sustainability has never been such a polarizing topic, from early-stage business all the way to bigger corporates. We’ve seen the trend in ‘sustainable businesses’ sky-rocket too; with more Green and Cleantech businesses entering our community due to the growing concern around the lack of action on the climate crisis, and the increasing urgency to develop new tools and technologies to help us fight climate change. But we feel like this is just the beginning of a much bigger movement; where consumers are demanding more from the business they buy from and voting with their feet (and wallet) if they don’t get it. Right now, we're living through one of the bigger consumer revolts in our history. 

Facing this, the GreenTech space is exploding with responses and we’re seeing an urgent rise in members who have successfully transitioned to B-Corp or are in the process of doing so. These businesses, who have committed to acting in the best interest of all stakeholders and not just their shareholders, are demonstrative of the changing tide and the growing belief that the old way of doing business is no longer serving our planet. 

The urgency is growing, but so is the movement; with more and more businesses and leaders coming together to help, and who are fighting to make significant change. There is a growing sense of urgency, but coupled with a growing sentiment that together we can create change. 

Whilst all of us in the startup ecosystem must consider our place and how we can help - we must also realise that each and every one of us are in the position to help turn the tide. And we must fight to play our unique, individual roles in the growing movement around Climate Action.

As such, we will be opening a Net Zero, Sustainable Planet themed workspace in London for the most exciting investors, businesses and brands in the sustainability sector to work alongside one another, ideate, collaborate. This will be a new hub, adding to our growing portfolio of spaces across the UK and Ireland and we aim to launch this hub in 2022. 

If Earthrise Summit has taught us anything it’s that if you’re an investor, entrepreneur, corporate brand, educator, student….we all have a part to play in tackling the climate challenge. The more we can debate, learn and co-solve together, the faster business leaders can embed these principles into their work and culture to make a material difference. Off the back of an incredible one day summit we thought, imagine what we could collectively achieve if this was every day, in real time and in real space. This is why we wanted to create a space dedicated to building a more sustainable planet. 

The Net Zero hub will be a true ecosystem of D2C disruptors, B2B experts, tech innovation, human ideas and capital, all tackling the climate challenge crisis from various angles, but all under the one roof and all connected by the wider Huckletree network. 

If you would like to be involved in our first Net Zero hub, please get in touch: 

Huckletree Co-founders

Gabriela Hersham and Andrew Lynch 

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