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Huckletree's Editorial TeamThe Editorial TeamHuckletree11/30/2022

Knowing how to bring teams together for one day or over the course of a month to focus them, empower them, ground them, is the difference between companies where culture is authentically lived versus one that's parroted. This comes back to time, not just place. We need to value our time more, the time of the planet, our customers, our people, and to reflect on how many seconds/minutes/hours we used intentionally to build either our companies, our connections or ourselves in any given day.

Creating the space and formula for this to thrive takes great leaders. The ones open to experimentation, to unconventional approaches, to new perspectives.

We’re speaking to great leaders from within the Huckletree ecosystem that are fully embracing the concept of The Great Gathering to get their insights around gathering teams in 2023.


Maria Dillon, Head of People at Tines (Huckletree D2 members)

“We recently ran a hackathon, half a day where the team fully immersed themselves in our product. We were all in groups, and made it a competition, so it was fun and engaging. We came up with new and imaginative ways to use our product. The results blew our minds. Even the people who typically aren’t that immersed in the product now have so many ideas and market opportunities, it’s sparked a whole revolution for Tines.”


Tom Butcher, General Manager, Lad Bible (D2 Members)

“Our team is so eclectic that we could never impose a one-size-fits-all scenario for hybrid working. We started with one day a week in the workspace. On this day, I’d try to get coffee in with all my direct reports, bring breakfast or coffees in for the team, have lunch together, and often go out for a drink, too - it was a lot to pack in. So, we moved to two days in the office, Wednesday and Thursday, which is working really well.”


Edward Williams, Managing Director, Candy Kittens (Huckletree Ambassador)

“On average, our team are spending 10 days per month in the office. They split these days however they like, but we run one compulsory office day per month, which we’ve named Monthly Mischief. We make sure our team get some real value in being together rather than simply being in the same room and cracking on with stuff they do WFH.”


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