About The Alpha Programme

The Alpha Programme is a three-month long accelerator for technology startups at pre-seed stage. Our aim is to make the first steps of your entrepreneurial journey structured and impactful, as you progress towards raising your seed round.

During the programme, our cohort companies undergo relentless pitch practice, are offered help refining their pitch and building their business plan, gain real-time feedback on their product from our community, meet with industry mentors and gain exposure to talent, partners, clients and VC investors. They also receive Huckletree membership for up to three people from their team.

We don't take any equity and we don't charge fees. We simply want the best talent to shape our communities from the inside out and to help you propel your growth and take your startup to the next level.

What we're looking for

Talent, Passion and Commitment
We're looking for visionary team leaders who have the passion to attract top-level talent and investors, the talent to close serious sales and the commitment to stick to their guns during tougher periods.
Disruptive Concept
There are lots of startups out there today. We're on the hunt for the most innovative products and services; the ones that truly present solid solutions to the problems we're facing today.
Proven Market Opportunity
We want founders who have spotted an opportunity in their industry and have the data, insight and understanding to back it up.

Overcoming 'startup inertia' guarantees you need all the help you can get. A home like Huckletree provides both credibility and inspiration. But it's the serendipity of the community that's the real secret sauce.

Hamish Grierson, Co-founder at Thriva

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