What Does Agile Working Mean and How Does it Work?

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Agile is much more than a buzzword – it’s the key to a productive, balanced and happy workplace. Agile working embraces flexibility on all levels, leaving the old constraints of traditional working life behind.

What is Agile Working? 

Agile working removes the limitations of the traditional 9-5 workday structure. It’s designed to offer flexibility around working hours and location, so employees can complete their tasks when and where they feel most productive.

Agile working is activity-based rather than location-based, giving employees the freedom to decide when and where they work, which tools they use and how they collaborate with their teammates. 

The principles of agile working

1. Flexibility – not just flexible hours and location, but also a flexible mindset to respond to a changing work environment.

2. Resilience – adapting to new concepts, work practices, tools and technologies.

3. Collaboration – employees and teams working effectively together across different locations.

4. Proactivity – anticipating changes and challenges, and finding solutions to these potential issues.

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5 Benefits of Agile Working

Agile working makes life easier for employers and employees alike, with some great benefits:

1. Improves work-life balance and boosts morale

2. Attracts a wider pool of talent (and retains them)

3. Improves productivity and engagement

4. Reduces travel and office space needs, saving money in the process

5. Promotes creativity and innovation

Huckletree Offers Agile Working Environments

Huckletree's coworking memberships lend themselves well to the agile style of working. Are you ready to embrace the future of work? Choose the membership that works best for you and your team:

Light Membership

Access to a hotdesk 10 days per month.

Floating Membership

Everyday drop-in access to shared hotdesk zones from Monday to Friday.

Resident Desk Membership

Gives you a dedicated desk in our open-plan workspace, as well as a business mailing address and monthly meeting room credits.

Our flexible office spaces are designed with productivity and creativity in mind.

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