What is What Is Hotdesking? The Huckletree Guide to Hotdesking

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Hotdesking is a flexible working arrangement that challenges conventional ideas about workspace.  Whether it’s just you and your laptop, or a growing team of employees, hotdesking is the ideal solution for forward-thinkers.

How Does Hot Desking Work?

Hotdesking gives you access to a shared flexible workspace, without a dedicated desk. Unlike having a dedicated desk, hotdesking offers a ‘floating’ style of working, where members have the freedom to move around the office and pick and choose where they set up for the day. This is a hassle-free solution for busy entrepreneurs and freelancers looking for a cost-effective way to access a professional working address. Hotdesking is also popular with startup teams looking to stay agile as they scale up or down.

Hotdesking gives you access to distraction-free workspace in a coworking office, where you can connect with new people. Depending on your needs and working style, you might only want to use a hotdesk for several hours a week or a few days a month – or you might choose something more permanent with unlimited access to a dedicated desk.

Coworking spaces typically stay open outside of regular working hours, so you can access a hotdesk when you’re on deadline and need a space where you can stay focused.

Different Types of Coworking Memberships

Huckletree offers a variety of hotdesking memberships tailored to suit a range of professional needs and preferences.  

  • For the freelancer who wants a break from the home office: A light membership gives you hotdesk access to our coworking spaces for 10 days a month.
  • For the entrepreneur on the go: A floating membership gives you unlimited, 24/7 access to our shared hotdesk areas.
  • For the startup looking to settle down: A resident desk membership provides you with a dedicated desk in an open-plan coworking space, along with a business mailing address and access to meeting rooms.  

woman sitting at a hotdesk in a Huckletree office

What to Expect from Your Hotdesking Space

1. Cost-efficiency

Renting a workspace on flexible terms is much more cost-effective than renting a traditional office space. When you hotdesk at Huckletree, you won’t be tied down by long-term lease agreements and you won’t have to pay for utilities like power and Wi-Fi.

2. A formal business address

Hotdesking with Huckletree gives you the option to use a formal business address, as well as our mailroom services.

3. Full connectivity and technical support

With a hotdesk you can simply sit down, get online and get to work – with no unnecessary hassle. You’ll get access to unlimited Wi-Fi and other handy technical amenities and printing facilities.

4. Access to private spaces when needed

You’ll have access to private phone booths and meeting rooms to liaise with clients and keep your business confidential.

5. Meet likeminded professionals

Coworking offices are highly collaborative spaces where you can meet and build relationships with fellow trailblazers and risk-takers. At Huckletree we also host regular networking events. If working from home makes you feel isolated, hotdesking in a shared space is a wonderful way to be part of a professional community.

Choose the coworking membership that works best for you and enjoy a more flexible way of working with Huckletree. You can also purchase a day pass to see if hotdesking is the right solution for you.

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