Four companies to watch in the Future Living space

Chloe ShearmanContent, Social & PR ManagerHuckletree10/28/2021

The way we live is constantly evolving. The ongoing creation of new technologies paves a reality where we can optimise, create more convenience, and ultimately improve our everyday lives.

Innovation in this space is far more crucial than for convenience's sake. Mental health issues are on the rise, sleep disorders are disrupting our rest, and health problems are going undetected for far too long (only to be followed up with ineffective "one size fits all" solutions). Quite simply, the way we live is calling out for a technological revolution.

Fortunately, there's a wealth of innovators rising to the challenge of elevating the lived experience. From HealthTech to SleepTech and BrainTech, here are four of the next-gen Future Living brands to watch as we move into 2022.


Nutrigenomics focuses on the relationship between genomics, nutrition, and health. It's certainly not a new concept. Companies have been commercialising it as early as the 1980s. But, with the introduction of tech and instant access to information - could nutrigenomics be the next big thing to personalise the way we eat?

Dnanudge is making this a very likely prospect. Their bracelet (DnaBand) holds your "digitised DNA", allowing you to scan food items while you shop. As you browse, a glow of a light (green, amber, or red) indicates whether that food is good for your genome. Super cool, right?

The personalised genomics horizon in the UK currently has the likes of ZOE (researching gut microbiome), Lifebit and Congenica (medical genomics), Atlas Biomed and OME (Consumer Personalised Genomics).

Dnanudge is currently the only wearable solution that supports you to make healthier and more personalised decisions as you shop. Plus, it removes the need for extensive research and a separate nutritionist - you're guided in real-time based on your own unique make-up.


SleepTech innovation is having a profound effect on the way we sleep. With devices able to capture valuable data to optimise our sleeping patterns, we're all about to feel much more rested (hallelujah!). Kokoon's two sleep-enhancing products include their Relax Headphones and Nightbuds.

The Relax Headphones, with active white noise and noise cancellation, tracks EEG brainwaves and senses motion. For the side-sleeper, the Nightbuds provide ultimate comfort, intelligent noise-masking and sleep sensors. Both then provide insights and tips specific to you, so you can get the best night's sleep.

In 2020, a report from Global Market Insights predicted the market valuation of sleep tech devices will cross $32 billion by 2026. The report also indicated that the increased prevalence of sleep disorders like Insomnia will contribute to the market's growth.


London-based BrainTech startup HelloSelf connects its members with top UK clinical psychologists and provides AI-enhanced support between sessions, making for a much more personalised approach to mental wellbeing.

Digital Therapy has shown rates as high as a 10% increase in recovery compared to IAPT therapy. Waiting times to receive treatment have also been reduced to days instead of weeks. BrainTech and Digital Therapy startups have a wealth of potential for revolutionising mental wellbeing for the better. HelloSelf's AI component brings even more capacity for improvement on these statistics.

Earlier this year, HelloSelf raised £5.5m in a Series A round from OMERS Ventures. Harry Briggs, OMERS Managing Partner, will be joining the HelloSelf board as part of the deal. They will be using the funds to develop their workplace offering, a B2B service helping businesses give mental health support to their teams.


At-home health test kits have come a long way since Organon International patented the pregnancy test in 1969. Today, at-home blood testing can provide you with valuable insights to help better care for your health.

Thriva offers testing kits that provide information on everything from energy and mood to long-term health and fitness. With every blood test, you can access evidence-based ways to improve your health, and a GP report accompanies the results. Thriva's tests break down some of the gatekeeping around healthcare insights that have been so common historically. Users can gain a deeper understanding of how their lifestyle affects their health and any changes that happen. Here's to more informed healthcare!

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