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Huckletree's Editorial TeamThe Editorial TeamHuckletree6/20/2022

The theme for this year’s World Refugee Day is safe spaces. And so, we're opening our spaces for good.


We want Huckletree to be a place where anyone can belong. Where people doing brave things can collaborate and build exciting and impactful ventures. We want to create an environment that makes people feel safe and free to show up as their most authentic selves.

In light of World Refugee Day, we’re opening up our event and meeting spaces to fundraising, aid or charity groups to use pro-bono*. We’re committed to creating safe spaces for community groups to come together, raise funds and drive outcomes for good.

Next steps? If you’re a charity, aid or not-for-profit organisation, please apply here and we will assess your application.


With this year’s theme in mind, we asked members of the Huckletree team to reflect on and share what a safe space means for them…


A safe space is a place of liberated expression - where I can be fully, authentically me. It’s a place where I feel empowered to challenge perspectives (both those of others and my own) without judgement. Finally, it’s a place where I feel a sense of connection and community with the people around me.”

“A safe space could be a physical or metaphorical place where people can confidently be themselves and feel welcome and accepted in an often-intolerant world.”

A safe space is one without fear, intimidation or instability. Where people can stand in their worth.”


What does a safe space mean for you?

Share this with the charities, not-for-profits, and aid groups doing brave work to make our world a safer space for all.

Apply here. 

*All pro-bono arrangements will be subject to availability.

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