What we can learn from the Web3 community's humility

Chloe ShearmanContent, Social & PR ManagerHuckletree9/1/2022

The emergence of Web 3 has been met with a whirlwind of responses. Ranging from dubious curiosity to energising possibility, it’s been a mixed debate for sure. Why? It’s new. People don’t know enough about it yet. But that’s actually one of the most exciting things about this space. The fact that even people that are immersed day to day in the development of all things Web3 are so unsure about where the future is heading is refreshing. And, we can learn a lot from the shared humility of that community.


I’ve recently attended a few Web3 talks and networking events, and I always leave so refreshed by the curiosity of the room. I walked into the Proof of People NFT festival recently and felt the energy of a child’s playground - curious, open, inquisitive, free. I hadn’t felt that at other industry events, not that I can remember, anyway. Everyone is so open to learning, so open to hearing alternative directions, so open to the possibility of being wrong.


This uncertainty propels people to think more imaginatively, more bravely. We’d really be missing a trick if we didn’t take an element of that and apply it to other areas. We’re often so familiar with the industries we operate within, we can sometimes limit ourselves to the confines of our thinking. Imagine if the next time you attended a brainstorm session, a strategy day, or even a full-day summit, you entered the room not heightened by an anxious pressure of having to have answers, to know things, to articulate an idea perfectly, but instead you attended with an openness.


If you brought humility to that space, how much more do you think you’d learn and discover? How many more genuine conversations do you think you’d have? How many more ideas do you think you’d leave with? I know the answer because I’ve seen it in action.


What’s striking to observe, is that this uncertainty hasn’t disenchanted investors. Web3 has become the most sought-after investment of 2022, with VCs investing £33b in blockchain and crypto in 2021 and are on pace to double that for 2022. And perhaps it’s that undeniable air of potential, of open experimentation that could lead to so many possibilities that’s attracting so much funding.


My challenge to you is to observe the behaviour of the Web3 community and see where you can thread it into your collaborative, creative approach. And then, watch as this shift in mindset and approach rewards you in a myriad of ways.

Chloe Shearman

Chloe has both a way with words and an appetite for knowledge. She joins Huckletree from a background in the innovation ecosystem with brands such as Plus X and Central Research Laboratory. Previously a self-confessed craft beer nerd, she worked in experiential marketing with drinks industry domineers BrewDog. At the weekend, you’ll find her exploring London with her dog Lillie and getting cosy with a book.


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