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Welcome to Earthrise, an innovation summit like no other…

Responding to the greatest threat to peace and security that we’ve encountered in modern times, Earthrise Summit’s mission is to bring entrepreneurship, urgency and action to the climate crisis. This is for industry leaders and their teams who want to expand their knowledge, share their perspectives and walk away with actionable ideas. Our goal is to inspire co-creation between founders, students, politicians, creatives, technologists, policy makers and SME’s that will generate immediate, meaningful action.

Panel talk at Huckletree West event
Audience at Huckletree West panel

No holds barred

We’re at a pivotal moment in the race against the climate emergency, and while we might be losing, we believe it’s still a race we can win. Earthrise summit will examine some of the most provocative questions in sustainability and explore the most experimental and innovative ideas out there. No holds barred. Nothing's off the table. This is a space to challenge our perspectives, expand our minds, engage in meaningful debate and fuel revolution.

  • Stages & Sessions
  • Live from Copenhagen // AM session BST

    Timings coming soon

    Jan Gehl's life work has centred around reorienting our cities for pedestrians and cyclists and his work has transformed the very fabric of urban spaces worldwide. Join him and explore the next step in the evolution of urban planning for the outline of our future cities.

  • Live from LA // PM Session BST

    Timings coming soon

    Join visionary Liam Young as he brings his provocative edge and bold idea 'The Planet City' to Earthrise. This city, imagined in the future is home to the world’s entire population of 10,157,030,257 people and features 121,307 km² of hydroelectric canals, 2,357 algae farms, and hosts 2,555 cultural festivals.

  • Live from London // AM Session BST

    Timings coming soon

    Since founding his own practice in 1985, David Chipperfield has built a design methodology that is now used across four offices in London, Berlin, Milan and Shanghai. Join David as he explores the urban qualities of contemporary urban developments that will help us build more sustainable cities.

  • Live from New York // AM session BST

    Timings coming soon

    The real estate sector is responsible for 40% of all carbon emissions globally. The industry has both the obligation as well as the opportunity to make an extraordinary impact in creating a healthier, safer, cleaner, and more equitable planet. Hear from Michael Beckerman, CEO, CREtech & CREtech Climate, as he shares opportunities and solutions to the single greatest threat to ever confront the real estate sector, the climate crisis.

  • Live from London // PM Session BST

    Timings coming soon

    Tia Kansara is dedicated to giving guidance to help governments, companies and individuals to make fulfilling commitments that benefit the world around us. Through her work, she empowers policymakers and companies on how to build smarter cities that replenish Earth. Join her to explore her vision for a truly balanced city.

  • Live from New York // AM Session BST

    Timings coming soon

    Saskia is a Dutch-American sociologist noted for her analyses of globalization and international human migration and coining the term global city. She is Robert S. Lynd Professor of Sociology at Columbia University and Centennial visiting Professor at the London School of Economics. Join her to explore the question " how do we make our growing cities work for the people who live in them?".

Earthrise Summit 2022 | Urban Futures

55% of the world's population are now living in urban areas and The UN predicts  this number to rise to 68% by 2050. We need to rethink the impact of urban existence and innovate - fast. Which is why this year’s Earthrise Summit will put a specific focus on the ways in which we can use our urban centres and cities to support a more sustainable future.

Urban future landscape

Meet our speakers

Exploring | The power of design and PropTech

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  • Earthrise 2022 speaker Michael Beckerman

    Michael Beckerman

    CEO, CREtech & CREtech climate

  • Earthrise 2022 speaker David Chipperfield

    David Chipperfield


  • Earthrise 2022 speaker Tia Kansara

    Tia Kansara

    Co-founder, Kansara Hackney

  • Earthrise 2022 speaker Sian Sutherland

    Sian Sutherland

    Co-founder, A Plastic Planet

  • Earthrise 2022 speaker Doreen Huber

    Doreen Huber

    Partner, EQT Ventures

  • Earthrise 2022 speaker Elaina Elzinga

    Elaina Elzinga

    Principal in Investments at the Wellcome Trust

  • Earthrise 2022 speaker Wesley Ankrah

    Wesley Ankrah

    Director of Social Value and Community Investment, Dominvs Group

Exploring | Urban innovation

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  • Earthrise 2022 speaker Sudhanshu Sarronwala

    Sudhanshu Sarronwala

    Chief Impact Officer, Infarm

  • Earthrise 2022 speaker Fiona Howarth

    Fiona Howarth

    CEO, Octopus Electric Vehicles

  • Earthrise 2022 speaker Melissa Hemsley

    Melissa Hemsley

    Author, chef & sustainability champion

  • Earthrise 2022 speaker

    Anna Greenland

    Vegetable gardener, cook & author

  • Earthrise 2022 speaker Amy Bourbeau

    Amy Bourbeau

    Cofounder & Chief Impact Officer, Seismic

  • Earthrise 2022 speaker Leonora Grcheva

    Leonora Grcheva

    Cities and Regions Lead, Doughnut Economics Action Lab

Exploring | Humanising our cities

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  • Earthrise 2022 speaker Jan Gehl

    Jan Gehl


  • Earthrise 2022 speaker Saskia Sassen

    Saskia Sassen

    Professor of Sociology, Columbia University

  • Earthrise 2022 speaker Liam Young

    Liam Young

    Film director & architect

  • Earthrise 2022 speaker Angel Arutura

    Angel Arutura

    Anti-racism educator, social activist & sustainability focused content creator

  • Earthrise 2022 speaker Ngoni Chikwenengere

    Ngoni Chikwenengere

    Fashion designer, sustainability & lifestyle blogger

  • Earthrise 2022 speaker Isaac Ssentumbwe

    Isaac Ssentumbwe

    Climate Justice Activist & Community Mobiliser

  • Earthrise 2022 speaker Hamira Kobusingye

    Hamira Kobusingye

    Climate justice activist

  • Earthrise 2022 speaker Matthew Slotover

    Matthew Slotover

    Co-founder, Frieze

  • Earthrise 2022 speaker Helen Causer

    Helen Causer

    Office and Investment Lead, Argent LLP

  • Earthrise 2022 speaker Jacob Loftus

    Jacob Loftus

    Founder & CEO, General Projects

  • Earthrise 2022 speaker Julia Zhou

    Julia Zhou

    Co-founder & Chief Development Officer, Tidal Impact

How it works

For 2022, we’ve broken all our panels, workshops and networking events into morning, afternoon and evening sessions so you can customise and curate your own personal programme that fits around your schedule. Attend the panels that inspire you, stream the workshops you don’t want to miss, connect with the people that excite you or fully immersive yourself in the full line-up. The choice is yours.

The Investment

Climate change is our collective challenge to face, which is why it’s important to us that Earthrise Summit is accessible to everyone. We’re asking for a commitment of

£24 per ticket (plus VAT)

All profits will be re-invested into the wider Huckletree sustainability mission and initiatives to support our eco-system. Find out more about our impact. Charity or educational institution? Contact us to talk about how we can support your attendance.

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Iron hack event Huckletree shoreditch

Who is it for?


We’ve been at the heart of the innovation eco-system supporting some of the most innovative companies in the world for almost ten years. From startup right the way through to MNE, we know what makes you tick and we understand how important the role you need to play is. We want to make sure you have a seat at the table, engage in content relevant to your challenges with takeaways you can actually implement to move the needle for your business. Ready to connect? Earthrise 2021 brought together over 1,000 start-up founders and operators as well as investors and VC’s and this year, we’re going even bigger. You’ll get the chance to connect with likeminded innovators, who share your passion for the planet, from some of the worlds most exciting brands and funds.

Enterprise and SME

To make real impact and genuinely move the dial, ideas must be innovative and action must be immediate. Wither you’re looking to build future partnerships, take actionable learnings back to your organisation or just to share something meaningful with your team, we can help. Large team? Chat to us about how we can support you craft a custom package.

PUBLIC Hall terrace event


Earthrise Summit’s mission is to bring together the most innovate, exciting, mission led brands and funds . You’ll struggle to find the same critical mass of sustainable eco-system operators and global leaders that you absolutely have to meet. So wither you’re looking for the next big thing in sustainability or if you’re just interested in how you can make more meaningful impact, with 50 speakers and 3000+ attendees, you’ll find plenty to inspire.


Immersive yourself in the heart of the innovation eco-system. Passionate about climate change and want to meet the teams actually making a difference? Earthrise Summit brings together the best and the brightest in eco-innovation. From policy makers and thought leaders to sustainable start-ups and next-gen tech, this is the place to explore the ideas and technology that’s going to change the way we live, work and play.

“The solutions to climate change fundamentally begin and end in our cities. We recognise a responsibility as an innovation ecosystem to unite our powerful network to drive real and meaningful impact - the Earthrise Summit mission was born from this. With this summit, we’re uniting the world’s most action-led thinkers to inspire change towards a more sustainable future, for us and generations to come.” 

Gabriela Hersham, Co-founder and CEO

Principle partners

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