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Ask Me Anything: David Fogel


Stay Curious Programme

We are thrilled to be joined by David Fogel, a seasoned investor, startup expert and cherished Huckletree Ambassador.

David is the co-founder of Alma Angels, (an inclusive community of angel investors backing ambitious female founders), and of ADV (£150m) an investment firm investing in generation-defining start-ups across the UK. He has been investing in early-stage start-ups (Seed/A and B rounds) across Europe, SE Asia and Africa. David also led LP investments into top European seed funds. Among his investments are Wefarm, Lingumi, Baby2Body, Crypto Quantique and Urban as well as Seedcamp, Episode 1 and EF.

Prior to founding ADV, David led the early-stage investment vehicle for Telefonica ($55bn Telco) in the UK, with a portfolio of more than 140 companies across different stages. Before that David was based in Germany and worked as an M&A advisor leading buy-side and sell-side projects across Europe, Asia and US. David started his investment career in Spain where he worked as an associate at a European early-stage VC and at a start-up accelerator.

Back in Israel David co-founded a software development department which focused on bringing fast and innovative solutions for the financial and telecom industries. He grew the team to over 50 employees and by the time he left they have built 15 different products deployed across 70% of the industry.

David is perfectly positioned to answer questions on a huge range of topics including but not limited to:

– Early stage funding

– Raising venture capital (all stages)

– Launching a successful startup

– Scaling a business

– B2B sales strategy

– Media and tech