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Skill Up Academy: Sales Secrets


Stay Curious Programme

In Arthur Miller's seminal play, Death of a Salesman, Willy Loman's next door neighbour says the brilliant line "the only thing you got in this world is what you can sell." The importance of this line rings as true today as it did then - the skills you possess are fundamental to your success. And the great news is, skills can be learned, developed and improved.

In the first of our Skill Up Academy masterclasses, join commercial veteran and founder, Jonathan Staunton, for a crash course in the art of selling. Covering everything from establishing customer loyalty and trust to the power of influence in building relationships, Jonathan will demystify the sales process and demonstrate how successful companies set up their sales teams for success. The workshop will end with a practical session on the importance of listening and observation - leaving you better placed to go out and sell with impact.


Part 1: Demystifying sales jargon and breaking down the commercial function (20 mins)

Part 2: The commercial function brought to life

Part 3: Building influence and impact

About Jonathan

Jonathan Staunton graduated from University College Dublin in 1995 with a B. Comm International. His first job was selling Irish pubs in Italy. Returning to Dublin, he spent the next 15 years building capabilities as an experienced commercial leader with Mars, Microsoft and PepsiCo.In 2012 he joined Dublin start-up Brandtone, an innovator in mobile marketing and data driven consumer engagement for global brands across the largest developing and emerging markets. As Chief Commercial Officer for 5 years Jonathan led the international expansion and revenue growth across India, China, South East Asia and Russia, building local teams and signing high value deals with multinational clients in multiple verticals. In late 2018 he co-founded a fintech business called My Money Jar - a neobank for millennials to help them curb their impulsive spending and achieve their financial goals. The team raised over €1.3M and launched the beta product in December 2019. Due to the impact of Covid-19 they were forced to restructure and pivot the business. Having supported a new fundraising round to provide stability for the company Jonathan has now chosen to step down to pursue other start up opportunities, both as a founder and angel investor.

About Skill Up Academy

Intensive masterclasses designed to give employees at rapid-growth startups a holistic view of business. In a world where words like ‘Furlough’ and ‘Job Security’ are constantly on the tip of our tongues, there has never been a more crucial time to skill up and prove that you bring great value to your employer. Skill Up helps you do just this. With daily, deep-dive workshops designed to help you develop a broader view of how the key functions within businesses work, delivered by experts from our Global Talent Network, what better way to put Lockdown 2.0 to good use.