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Voxbox: Calling all Renegades!

HKT Shoreditch


HKT Shoreditch - The Auditorium

HKT Shoreditch

HKT Shoreditch is set to re-launch our monthly VoxBox session! What's it all about I hear you cry?

It's the perfect opportunity for brands and business to access our strong community of millennial consumers and business pros to get that all-important feedback from our monthly member to member focus group.

Shoreditch Member Ajai, Voxboxs’ launch host and app creator, is calling out for the serial event-goers - the networking fanatics and the tea spilling queens. You’ll get the first sneak peek at their developing app ‘evhop’ which aims to help people engage with interesting people when networking. 

Got an opinion or two? Come along and share your thoughts!