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Missing meeting in person? Us too. Get back in the room for your next creative think tank, formal board meeting, workshop or interview.

Shoreditch meeting rooms

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  • Cupertino, Shoreditch

    Cupertino | Seats 20

    From £120/H + VAT

    Out to impress? It might take you a while to reach the scale of this meeting room’s namesake, but that’s no reason not to enjoy the fruits of your labour while you grow.

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  • Menlo meeting room

    Menlo | Seats 10

    From £75/H + VAT

    Structured and precise, this space is the perfect backdrop for innovation. It seats up to 10 people and is the place to present your big ideas to clients and partners.

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  • Sunnyvale Meeting Room

    Sunnyvale | Seats 10

    From £75/H + VAT

    Yellow captures the eye faster than any other colour in the spectrum, so this is the place to bring people when you need to stand out.

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  • Fair Oaks meeting room

    Fair Oaks | Seats 8

    From £60/H + VAT

    An oasis to keep you balanced in a tempest of tech. This private meeting space for up to 8 people is our go-to for relationship building sessions like interviews.

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Soho meeting rooms

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  • Plex meeting room

    Plex | Seats 10

    From £110/H + VAT

    Looking for an inspiring meeting room for up to 10 people? Grab a coffee and the team for an away day!

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  • Alto meeting room

    Alto | Seats 8

    From £90/H + VAT

    Alto is the ideal hideaway for up to 8 people. Consider you next team strategy day sorted.

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  • Bruno meeting room

    Bruno | Seats 5

    From £60/H + VAT

    Bruno is the perfect spot, equipped with video conferencing, table microphone, HDMI / wireless connectivity & HD display.

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  • Mars meeting room

    Mars | Seats 5

    From £60/H + VAT

    Mars is an out-of-this-world space, designed for inspiration and team brainstorming.

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  • Rey meeting room

    Rey | Seats 2

    From £35/H + VAT

    The perfect spot for big ideas. Rey is the ideal location for big picture thinking, roadmapping and planning. Ideal for 2 people.

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  • Soho pitching room

    Pitch | Seats 14

    From £130/H + VAT

    Future-proof your career with skills workshops in our custom studio. From brand to business, pitches to profit; class is in session.

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Westminster meeting rooms

  • Roundtable room, Westminster

    Roundtable | Seats 10

    From £100/H + VAT

    The perfect setting for team away days, presentations, off site collaborations and sealing the deal on that all-important pitch.

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  • Morris meeting room

    Morris | Seats 6

    From £60/H + VAT

    Named after Olive Morris, political activist and co-founder of the Brixton Black Women's Group, this 6 seater meeting room is a go-to for small workshops.

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  • Lovelace meeting room

    Lovelace | Seats 4

    From £55/H + VAT

    Named after Ada Lovelace, a pioneer in computer programming, our 4 seat meeting room has been designed for hosting one-on-ones with clients.

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  • Astor meeting room

    Astor | Seats 2

    From £40/H + VAT

    Named after Nancy Astor, the first woman to sit in Parliament, our 2-seat meeting room is the perfect meeting space for one to ones.

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White City meeting rooms

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  • Spaceport meeting room

    Spaceport | Seats 12

    From £80/H + VAT

    Named after the home of the Space X project, this 12 seater space is perfect for team away days and partner pitches.

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  • Alphabet City Meeting Room

    Alphabet | Seats 10

    From £70/H + VAT

    Taking its name from Google's parent company, Alphabet City, this is a meeting room designed to kickstart your imagination and boost productivity.

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  • Black Rock

    Black Rock | Seats 8

    From £60/H + VAT

    Much like it's name sake, home of Burning man festival, this is a space built to inspire creativity.

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  • Steve's Garage

    The Garage | Seats 6

    From £45/H + VAT

    Seats 6. Abstract thinker? Step this way. Steve’s Garage is a bold backdrop for creative thought (just like its Silicon Valley namesake)

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  • F8 Meeting room

    F8 | Seats 4

    From £35/H + VAT

    Designed for making meaningful connections, this intimate four-person space will host your interviews, partnership pitches and one-on-ones with clients.

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Manchester meeting rooms

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  • Sowden meeting room

    Sowden | Seats 8

    From £55/H + VAT

    The one to impress. Sowden has been created to spark creativity and is equipped with everything you need, including video conferencing.

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  • Aldo meeting room

    Aldo | Seats 6

    From £42/H + VAT

    Named after a founding member of the Memphis movement, this room can combine with neighbouring Bel Air to seat 12 people.

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  • Bel Air meeting room

    Bel Air | Seats 6

    From £42/H + VAT

    This room was created for everything from pitch presentations to interviews and panels, and seats 6-12 people when combined with Aldo.

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  • Tennessee meeting room

    Tennessee | Seats 6

    From £42/H + VAT

    The one for the interview. This intimate meeting space is perfect for one to one team meetings, or finding your next team member.

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  • Dylan meeting room

    Dylan | Seats 4

    From £36/H + VAT

    The one for team check-ins, with everything you need including, video conferencing, microphone, HDMI / wireless connectivity & HD display.

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  • Milan meeting room

    Milan | Seats 6

    From £42/H +VAT

    Taking its namesake from the birthplace of the Memphis movement, our Milan meeting room has been created to inspire creativity.

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  • Carlton meeting room

    Carlton | Seats 2

    From £25/H +VAT

    Taking its name from the Memphis era, Carlton is the perfect meeting space for pitches, product launches or team briefings.

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  • Huckletree Ancoats podcast studio

    Podcast Studio | Seats 2

    From £30/H +VAT

    Tell your brand’s story and hit the airwaves in our in-house Podcast Studio.

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Dublin meeting rooms

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  • Class meeting room

    Class | Seats 16

    From €110/H + VAT

    Designed for the advocates, the go-getters and the shakers, Class is the one to deliver your pitch in, for up to 14 people.

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  • Slainte meeting room

    Sláinte | Seats 12

    From €85/H + VAT

    The perfect setting for presentations, off site collaborations and sealing the deal on that all-important pitch (sláinte!).

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  • Craic meeting room

    Craic | Seats 5

    From €50/H + VAT

    Craic inspires playful thinking and creative brainstorming. It’s ideal for one on one meetings, interviews, conference calls etc.

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  • Deadly meeting room

    Deadly | Seats 4

    From €40/H + VAT

    This intimate meeting room space is ideal for online interviews, conference calls and virtual meetings with clients.

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  • Gaff meeting room

    Gaff | Seats 4

    From €40/H + VAT

    Need to hideaway? This intimate meeting room is ideal for interviews, and meetings with clients. It's perfectly located next to our coffee machine for mid-meeting fuel.

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