We live by a set of principles

Like any great community built on shared value and spirit, it takes a village. This community of innovators, brands, investors, mentors, ambassadors and educators only works if there are shared values that help us work harmoniously together.

Braver Together

You can't change the world alone. Advocate for others, inspire thy neighbour, make connections.

Here, Be Renegades

We love your uniqueness, your weirdness, and all of it belongs here. Normal need not apply.

Welcome to Curious

Question everything for the greater good of our community. Be open to challenging the status quo!

Instant Karma

Give back what you pick up. What goes around, comes around.

No Mind is an Island

Together we are smarter. Show up, be a part of the team, collaborate.

Latest news

From ecosystem insights to tech trends that are getting us hot under the collar.

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