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Innovation ecosystem

Joining Huckletree places you at the centre of the tech and innovation ecosystem with access to over 3,000 expert minds, change makers and industry thought leaders.

A curated network

Since 2014, we’ve been curating ecosystems from the ground up so that you’re connected to the most relevant companies and minds to match your industry and ambition. When you join Huckletree you can receive tailored introductions across our 100+ Global Ambassador network, 100+ Venture Partners, 3000+ Member and 1,500+ Alumni network - all experts in their fields who come from the most exciting backgrounds in the tech and innovation scene.

Huckletree founders Gaby and Andrew

Ambassadors & investors

We believe that your network intelligence - the collective intelligence held by all the people you know - is your most important asset in building a successful company.

Huckletree ambassador june angelides


A network of incredible individuals who have changed the game in their respective fields including financial services, technology, marketplaces, VC, and media. Our Ambassador programme invites successful entrepreneurs, supportive investors and exceptional operators from around the world to join our ‘Give First’ network, meaning they give their time to our community by hosting workshops, lending their expertise and selective mentorship.

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Huckletree Ambassador Andy Ayim

Investor Network

We’ve spent years building up our investor network, which includes access to 150+ Venture Capital partners, angel investors and family offices across Europe who look at our members as their own, tailored deal-flow introductions. With decades of expertise, we partner with our investor network to host open Office Hours and to give feedback throughout our inhouse accelerator, Alpha, at the end of programme Investor Expo.

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Members & Alumni

From foodtech pioneers to fintech challengers, since 2014 we have supported over 5,000 companies on their growth journey.

Huckletree member dee saigal


Our member network is made up of 3000 members and 300+ companies, just as ambitious and brave as you. Our members are curated for each space, ensuring each brings synergistic value and actively contributes to the innovation ecosystem; either as entrepreneurs, enterprise innovation teams or venture funds.

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With over 1500 alumni, our unparalleled talent network expands above and beyond the walls of our spaces and has representatives around the world. Our alumni members are leaders at a broad range of organisations - from the businesses we use day-to-day to some of the largest enterprises in the world; and across a broad range of industries.

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Love from our members:

"Huckletree is not just an office - It’s Mel, Ruby, Bryony, Lauren, Gaby and everyone else that makes the space so special. It’s about getting help when you need it - not just stuff around the office - but also hiring, investment and events that help you build yourself and your business."

Sai Lakshmi, CEO & Founder Caura

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We’ve built a trusted and curated network of people; mentors, talent, investors, experts, along with the right services to help our members grow. From CXO breakfasts, to one-to-one investor workshops, we actively help our members to make the right connections to scale.

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