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You can't change the world alone. Loud campaigning and quiet action behind the scenes, we’re committed to making a positive impact to the community and world around us.

Huckletree is on a mission to build the most impactful ecosystem for the businesses of tomorrow, helping to bring positive social value to our people, sector and environment. We have a number of initiatives that aim to make the world a fairer place, from Alpha - our annual free accelerator for pre-seed businesses with founders from under-represented backgrounds - to those that aim to address current global issues like the situation in Ukraine (initiative launching soon). And that's not all...

Championing Fairer Funding

Startup funding isn’t equal. Since 2018, we’ve campaigned for more opportunities for founders to access funding, regardless of their background. From hosting an industry roundtable led by activist June Sarpong to challenging warm-intro culture with open-to-all VC meet-ups, we’re passionate about empowering greater representation in the innovation ecosystem.

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Building an open, inclusive culture

We established our Culture and Diversity Committee to safeguard and evolve Huckletree’s culture as we grow, for our team, members and community. Initiatives we're driving include monthly 'voxbox' sessions to surface the challenges our members are facing, from burnout to hiring; Black Lives Matter resources for founders to educate, learn and impact change in their business from day one; and diversity and inclusion training.

Supporting all Entrepreneurs

We couldn’t have got this far without the help and support we were offered along the way. Now, we’re giving a hand to the next generation of brave innovators and creators who will shape the future, through:

Alpha, our pro-bono accelerator for early stage innovators from diverse underrepresented backgrounds.

Founder consultations and support sessions for any new entrepreneur who joins our community.

Partnering with vital advocacy groups on events, meet-ups and roundtables.

Our Entrepreneur in Residence initiative, offering an early stage founder a 12 month residency at one of our spaces, free of charge.

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Industry insights

Explore our latest report and insights into the innovation ecosystem.

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The New Work Mindset report

What do 200 founders and startup talent have to say on the 2020 global working from home experiment? In 2020 we launched our first State Of The Nation report: The New Work Mindset to help teams adjust to the reality of work as it is today and perhaps rewire some of the old and stunted beliefs around where and how you work.

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Fairer Funding Now

In 2018 we released a report on the state of funding in the UK and Ireland, which found that 16% of founders interviewed faced discrimination when seeking investment and 27% said they knew a founder who had faced prejudice.

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The Great Gathering

Coming together with purpose is going to be the new super-skill in 2023 for all business leaders, creatives and entrepreneurs. Download your copy of The Great Gathering Zine to find out how you can lead, steer and inspire your teams when together and apart. Happy Gathering.

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You can't change the world alone. We're looking for partners, advocates and ecosystem champions who are as passionate as we are about building positive change and better representation.

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