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The Great Gathering

Coming together with purpose is going to be the new super-skill in 2023 for all business leaders, creatives and entrepreneurs. Welcome, to The Great Gathering.

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Gather Together. Braver Together.

The Great Gathering Zine

The Great Gathering Zine is your playbook for creating meaningful team gatherings that drive real value. Download your copy now and find out how you can lead, steer and inspire your teams when together and apart.

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Insights around the future of gathering

Gathering teams with purpose will be the new super-skill for business leaders in 2023 and beyond. This zine captures insights from a community already leading the way.

A letter from the CEO, Gabriela Hersham

"I’ve been reflecting on what it takes to make a team or make a business work. Yes, you need infrastructure, runway, talent, vision. However, designing the right conditions for those elements to thread together, and be practised on a daily basis (and of course, be scalable) is a whole piece of work they leave out of the textbooks. We’ve been told that solving the move to working ‘hybrid’ is going to be the great challenge of the decade for leaders and thinkers. What is missed from the textbooks and the news articles is not the debate over the place where we work, but the attention, or rather, intention, that we put behind the moments when we come together."

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Within the pages of The Great Gathering

In these pages, you'll discover insights into how to gather teams to drive value. Something that will truly be a super-skill for business leaders in 2023 and beyond. You'll learn about the future of progressive team building, how to take care of the individual in gatherings, what workspaces of the future look like (and how to create them now), and the benefits of sometimes leaving business at the door to reap more value from togetherness. 

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Gather together. Braver together.

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