Will tech (still) save us?

Huckletree's Editorial TeamThe Editorial TeamHuckletree6/13/2022

Let’s talk skills. One of the greatest challenges of the next era of work is cultivating the best-in-class skills force to take on the most complex problems in our ecosystem and environment.

On the one hand, we look to Government to fund and back the acceleration of tech talent (there are high hopes for the UK’s proposed lifelong learning schemes to boost the UK’s low productivity and funding that will help colleges offer more technical courses), we enrol in EduTech platforms to up-skill ourselves after hours, or we learn by immersion and osmosis on the job.

If how developing skills for the future is on your mind, check out the below:

  • Research published by Google in conjunction with Amárach has found that 62 per cent of Irish SMEs are less than halfway on their digital transformation journey. Meaning the Irish market needs a huge digital up-skill. D2 members, SocialTalent, are tackling this challenge. They’re an online learning platform that helps companies find, develop and retain employees, and are looking to raise up to €25 million in financing to fund further growth. You can read more on that in the press.

  • PUBLIC Hall members, Aonia, offer a platform that connects you to art & culture organisations producing excellent digital content, online events and courses. Their team selects and showcases online talks, workshops, book clubs and virtual tours from hundreds of museums, libraries, garden organisations, art fairs and literature festivals, so that you can discover and enjoy online art & culture. Fact: their name is inspired by Aonia / eɪˈoʊniə - the area in ancient Greece sacred to the mythological Muses, the inspirational goddesses of the arts.

  • Hyper Island creates learning experiences for individuals and organisations that helps them shape the future. They call this The Hyper Island Way™. Empowering people to claim their future, they offer programmes from short courses all the way through to Masters level.

  • The Hundreds Club - a careers accelerator (led by us) designed to support rising stars. This selective 6-week programme will help you to learn and grow through tailored workshops, dedicated mentoring and peer-to-peer networking. Our promise is to give each participant the tools, guidance and support to tackle the challenges you have in your role and build a better understanding of the gaps you have in your knowledge.

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