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Huckletree Member Referral Programme Terms & Conditions

What is the Huckletree Member Referral Programme?

  • Members who successfully refer leads who join Huckletree will receive the equivalent of the referral's first month's membership fees in the form of a voucher of their choice (with a ceiling cap of £1,000 per lead).

Who is eligible to make referrals? 

  • All current Huckletree members are eligible.

Which products are eligible for referral?

  • All membership types (enterprise, private studios and open desks).
  • Day passes are not eligible.

How does it work?

  1. An introduction is made by email to (memberships@huckletree.com) or via the online form
  2. The email subject line should be: Referral [company name] x Huckletree
  3. This introduction can be for any of our hubs across London, Manchester or Dublin.
  4. If the referred business or contact joins Huckletree, the member who referred them will receive the equivalent of the referral's first month's membership fees in the form of a voucher of their choice.
  5. There is a ceiling cap of £1,000 per lead.
  6. The referring member will receive the voucher 90 days after the member’s move-in date.


What are the rules?

  • The potential member must be introduced by the Huckletree member via email to memberships@huckletree.com or via the online referral form.
  • The person / company who is being referred must be qualified by the member first.
  • Applies only to new opportunities submitted from 1st April 2023, or those with no activity since start 2022.
  • Deals must be closed within 4 months of initial introduction. Definition of ‘deal closed’ = signed membership agreement with deposit paid and received.
  • Payment is made only once per deal.
  • No cash offered, the value exchange must be in voucher form.
  • If there are any questions on whether a deal qualifies or any other disputes, the final decision is always at the sole discretion of Huckletree.
  • Rules are subject to change or the scheme retracted at any point, at the sole discretion of Huckletree.

What are the conditions?

  • The Referral programme applies to all membership types but does not apply to day pass products.
  • The amount paid out by the referral scheme on any single Member will be bound by the ceiling caps.
  • The new referred business must enter into an agreement with a specific minimum contractual commitment, that minimum term will be conditional on the package:
    1. Light Membership: 2 months
    2. Floating Memberships: 2 months
    3. Resident Membership: 4 months
    4. Studio: 6 months
  • If the first month is ‘rent-free’, the first paying month will be considered as the value peg.
  • In the instance where a ‘number’ of months has been offered FOC, the payout will be delayed until at least one month of recurring payments has been accounted for by Huckletree.
  • Referral fees in Euros will be calculated into GBP if required and this will be based on the currency exchange at the time of the billing cycle and not the time the agreement is signed.

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