Future Insights: The New Media & Immersive Tech Report

Avee ViravaidyaGeneral Manager, Huckletree White CityHuckletree3/1/2022

In the third of three reports in collaboration with Beauhurst, we focus on the New Media and Immersive Industries, including XR (Extended Reality) and The Future of Gaming.

We're looking at how brave new brands in these spheres are influencing the future of how we create and consume content, game, and immerse ourselves in the changing landscape of the online and digital spaces.

The evolution of the internet is gathering speed, which follows a new wave of approaches to content creation and digital creativity. As we hurtle towards the Metaverse and Web 3.0, we're taking a look at the new media brands, creative agencies and immersive tech companies that are rising to the challenge of making their mark on this brand new iteration of the internet.

With increasing accessibility around XR (Extended Reality) technology and the future of gaming looking progressively more immersive - the way we're reacting to digital content at scale is changing. From online publishing and social media to marketing and advertising technology, industries across the sector adapt and put their lens on this new reality.

The high-growth New Media and Immersive Tech sector houses 2,289 active companies. Almost three-quarters of these active companies are young, at seed or venture stage - a promising indication for the investment ecosystem. London is a hotspot for activity in the sector (1,175 active companies), with Brighton and Hove (51) showing themselves as a city to watch. Manchester (43), Glasgow (42), Bristol (41), and Edinburgh (41) are also generating New Media and Immersive Tech innovation. The industry has collectively raised £4.3b of investment between 2011 and 2020. The space is also home to some of the UK's most innovative gaming and immersive tech brands, including software developer, Improbable, who achieved Unicorn status in 2017.

This report hones in on two sub-industries: XR (Extended Reality) and The Future of Gaming.

XR encompasses VR (Virtual Reality) and AR (Augmented Reality). With 141 active high-growth companies, this space has sparked investor curiosity around the potential of the technology. Between the beginning of 2020 and the end of November 2021, the sector saw £45.6m equity investment - 33% of the total funding received by the industry since 2011.

The Future of Gaming is an exciting sub-industry with 401 active high-growth companies, making it the dominant sub-space within New Media and Immersive Tech. Equity investment into this space has been plentiful, with high-growth companies attracting £1.46b across 938 fundraising rounds since 2011. Gaming is also trending towards a more immersive experience for users, trailblazing a high-tech path for this generation of gamers. The gaming industry has also been praised for its ability to reap success outside of London, with companies in Edinburgh and Nottingham reaching high valuations.

Huckletree is built on the motto that “No Mind is an Island.” We believe you can't change the world alone, which is why we're on a mission to help the most innovative companies, from startups right the way through to MNEs, take leaps and do braver work together.

We're more committed than ever to creating the space and environment for teams to work, grow their ventures, collaborate and pioneer whatever comes next. Our Futures Hub in Huckletree White City is home to some of the UK's leading New Media and Immersive Tech companies.

The campus, located within the iconic White City Place development, is part of a bold new chapter in the rich creative history that sits at the centre of West London — an area already brimming with high-growth New Media and Immersive Tech companies. It's a dedicated haven for startups and global brands paving our future digital experience - how we game, create, consume, watch and move.

We hope this report is both engaging and informative, download your copy here.

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